Quick Start Setup For Roland CX-24:

1: Unpack plotter and remove packing constraints. Check carefully that all are removed

2: Place on bench and attach vinyl roll holder to back of cutter. You will need to lift up back of cutter slightly.

3: Unpack Blade holder and blade and insert blade in holder and adjust to about 1.5 mm exposed.

4: Plug in cable and insert into appropriate connector at RH end of cutter. Bigger connector is for printer (parallel) cable and smaller one is for serial cable. Insert power cord.

5: Place material in plotter, with rollers in correct positions over white marks which represent the grit roll positions. Lower pinch rolls. Turn on plotter if not already on.

6: After initial boot up, the plotter displays "Select > Roll". Press "Enter Button and the plotter will initialize and give the material width.

7: Rotate the blue knob until the words "Rotate > (On or Off) appear. Press menu button and then rotate Knob until <On> Appears. You may have to rotate counter clockwise. Press menu button again to confirm on. Switch plotter off and back on again and repeat "6" above to check that head now settles at the right hand end of plotter.

8: To set the offset to .175 rotate the Knob until offset appears. Select menu and rotate knob until .175 appears. Then press menu to confirm.

9: Use similar procedure to set force. Start with 50 grams and alter as required.

10: More comprehensive information is available in manual or on pdf file on CD if required.

11: NOTE:  Do not install any of the software that comes with the plotter. It is not necessary!

12: SPEED: For normal sign work, you can set speed to maximum 400. For fine work I suggest 50 - 100 with the fine cut blade. This speed is set up using Signblazer cut setup menu.


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