Quick Start Setup For Mimaki CG-60st:

1: Unpack plotter and remove packing constraints.

2: Fix 4 legs to bottom of cutter using screws and key provided. Make sure that you line up indents on legs with holes in base plate of plotter.

3: Attach 2 support brackets to back of plotter using supplied screws and key.

4: Remove biro holder from cutter head, and locate blade holder, which already contains blade. Expose blade a little more than material thickness. Screw down brass collar.

5: Place material in plotter, with rollers in correct positions over white marks. Lower pinch rolls. Turn on plotter if not already on.

6: After initial boot up, the plotter displays "roll <> leaf". Press the left hand jog button "<" and the plotter will initialize and give the material width.

7: Using jog arrows, position the plotter head to desired start position. Press enter key to confirm new position.

8: The display should have for example " cut1 30 50 .30 ". The 30 is the set speed, The 50 is the blade force in grams, the .3 is the blade offset.  We recommend that you start with settings of Cut1 35 18 .30. These can be changed by pressing tool button until desired cut1, cut2 etc is displayed, and then using jog arrows, alter values up and down. When finished, press "enter" and then "end". Press the "remote" button, and you are ready to cut!

9: More comprehensive information is available in manual if required.