Exporting an EPS file from SignBlazer & Importing Blazer EPS Files in from other Programs

The steps below will ensure success, even though in some cases all these steps may not be required. Please note that bitmaps cannot at this stage be exported as eps files unless you have SignBlazer \06 Hotshot, see A6 below.

Exporting EPS from SignBlazer5, 5.5, \06

A: Exporting all of a Design
1: Prepare the design in the normal fashion.
2: Select the design & press "M" for move and set absolute "X" & "Y" to 0,0 (zero, zero).
3: Select the design.
4: Select "File" & "Export". Tick the "selected only" box and select a location & file name.
5: Be aware that bitmaps (scans, digital photos etc) cannot be exported this way (see A6 below)
6: If you wish to export blends & bitmaps, then you need to purchase SignBlazer 06 Hotshot or later. This has a new facility called "Send to Versaworks". The EPS file generated will include all pictures, text, graphics and "effects" objects such as blends, glows, transparencies etc

B: Exporting Part of a Design

1: Select the partial design & press "M" for move and set absolute "X" & "Y" to 0 (zero).
2: Select "Edit" & then "Copy"
3: Select "File" & "New" & then "OK"
4: Select "Edit" & then "Paste". Design should then be at bottom left hand corner of panel
5: Select "File" & "Export" and select a location & file name. See Procedure 1 to 6 above
6: This procedure is the same for "Send to Versaworks Option" in Signblazer \06 Hotshot & Later

Importing Blazer EPS Files into Other Programs

A: Corel Draw Versions 6 - 13

1: Select "File" & "Import"
2: Select under "files of type" the option "PS, PRN, EPS, - Postscript Interpreted"
3: Place the design at the desired place.

B: Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, Adobe CS & Illustrator
1: With Acrobat, simply select "Open" & "All Files" under "files of type" option and select eps. 
2: With Illustrator, select any postscript import option.

C: Other Graphics Programs eg Signlab, Signwizard, Flexisign, Graphics Advantage

1: Look for any option that includes a postscript interpreter EPS Option

Information for Your Clients who are Sending you Files: (Majority will be from Corel Draw and Adobe Products)

A: Follow These Steps and You Should be Able to Accept EPS Files from Almost any Program

1: All versions of Signblazer will accept EPS files in Illustrator 8 format or earlier. \06 will accept some later level Postscript files, There are however some rules.

2: All Font Information must be Converted to Paths or Curves. Simply embedding the fonts is not sufficient.
    Corel Draw usually does this conversion automatically, but Adobe Illustrator does not.

3: With Illustrator CS, CS2 you have the option of "saving as" an Illustrator EPS in Version 8. Select this option.

4: If the file that you require is for Cutting, then EPS files must be in vector format, ie Lines & Curves.

B: Files received by E-mail

1: Corel Draw EPS files can be saved by right clicking on the attachment and selecting "Save As", or "Save All"

2: EPS files from Adobe products are usually received with 2 identically named EPS files, of different sizes

3: Problem here is that the second, and usually unwanted file overwrites the first file.

4: Solution is to select "Save All" as in 1: above, but prior to saving file, deselect the ones with the smaller number of Bytes or     KBytes. This will ensure that the required file is saved. You could request your client not to send these smaller files.

C: Other Programs & Formats

1: Signblazer can accept Corel CMX, AutoCad DXF, Jpeg, Simple AI Files, Photoshop PSD, Bit map BMP, PCX, TIf & Gif, Windows Metafile, KodaK Photo CD PCD, as well as most Postcript level 2, and some level 3 files (See Rules Above)

2: For Office Product files, try copying & pasting directly from say Word to SignBlazer.

3: For other sign software products, (Sign Wizard, SignLab, Flexisign, Easy Sign etc), use the eps export output. There is a great deal of compatibility between the dedicated sign programs.

IN CONCLUSION, if you have any queries please contact mike@computerandlaser.com.au , or need a file converted, we can perform it for you for a small charge.