SignBlazer\06 HotShot Tools

  • Enhance tools Create instant 'Neon' glows, 3D 'Rounded' depth, stunning shiny 'Metallic' and 'Chrome' effects. Together with a range of 'Chamfered' and prismatic 3D styles which include: 'Straight Ridge', 'Round Ridge', 'Inside Round', 'Two Step', 'Round' and 'Straight' - each style has many controls over 3D heights, shadow depth, highlight amounts and light directions.
  • Drop Shadow Creates bitmap drop shadows for any screen object with full control over shadow color, transparency amount, edge softness and shadow angle. Instant preview function is included.
  • Linear Transparency Provides stepless graduated linear profile transparency to any object - vector, text, bitmap image or photo. Allows for the seamless joining or collage of photos or separate vector objects.
  • Color Transparency Provides a unique means of merging bitmaps. Color Transparency can make white, or any other flat colored background of any object or photo vanish. Selectively controls the degree of transparency of any color or color range in a photo, texture or bitmap object.
  • Color Medley A Unique set of tools that provide complete color control over an object together with its background or other objects layered beneath it. Add or subtract color from an overlaid object or photo. Invert the colors of backgrounds or overlaid objects. Control the degree of transparency of an object and darken or lighten the area beneath it to get even more contrast.
  • Glow Effect tool Creates beautiful bitmap glows which can enhance photographs, text, or vector objects. Together with a Preview function, full control is provided over color, transparency and softness.
  • Reverse Mask Tool uses a vector object to 'punch through' a bitmap object.
  • Seamless transfer of images to and from Adobe Photoshop* to take full advantage of additional photographic tools and effects, and no need to import/export
  • Fastest RIP (Raster Image Processor) in Sign Industry
  • Support for ALL popular digital & wide format
    (limited and unlimited printing width software versions available)
  • Plus  all the Teatures of SignBlazer Pro \06
  • Plus all the Tools of SignBlazer Pro \06