Service Warning to All Newstar Omega Owners      

OM Series Warranties:
           Many customers may not be aware that DGI extended the parts warranty of their OM series Plotters to 5 years.
            It has come to our attention that other repairers are offering service on these plotters. This can only mean the
            you may be paying for service work that normally would be free, or at least the parts would be. Special software
            and tooling is required to retune these plotters after disassembly, and this equipment is only available at the two
            authorised repair centres, our own & ColorChrome in Melbourne
            Unfortunately we have seen examples of  poor repair work, and plotters written off, when they could be repaired.
            In some instances we suspect that new plotters were purchased, when this was not necessary.
            In conclusion, we suggest that you contact us for all OM Series plotter service.
`                                                            Yours in Mutual Benefit        Mike O'Brien