Omega OM-40/60/70 Specifications


OM-40 OM-60 OM-70
CPU 32bit
Drive Digital Servo
Maximum cutting area

3m*381mm guaranteed 32m*381mm parameters

3m*595mm guaranteed 32m*595mm parameters

3m*630mm guaranteed 32m*630mm parameters

Loadable film width 512mm(20") to 91mm 726mm(29") to 150mm 790mm(31") to 78mm
Maximum cutting speed 1,131mm/s (diagonal), 800mm/s(axis)
Cutting force 30-500gf
Minimum character size 5mm(0.2in2), alphanumerics, but depends on the material and font selected

Mechanial resolution

Programmable resolution SP-GL:0.250.0125mm/20steps(menu-selectable):HP-GLTM:0.025mm
Repeatability Plotter mode: within 0.1mm, Cutter mode: within 0.2mm
Perpendicularity Within 0.5mm/381mm Within 0.5mm/595mm Within 0.5mm/630mm
Number of cutters/pens 1piece / 1piece
Cutter blade/pen types Cutter blade:Supersteel/pen:Ball type
Interfaces RS-232C serial and Centronics-compatible parallel
(automatically selected)
RS-232C serial and Centronics parallel
Buffer Capacity 4MB
Command sets SP-GL and HP-GLTM
 (automatically selected)
SP-GL and HP-GLTM emulation
LCD display size 20 characters * 2lines
Power requirements 90-250V AC, 50-60Hz 90-260V AC, 50-60Hz
Power consumption Within 120VA
Operating environment +10C  to  +35C:  75% RH(Non-condensing), Recommended environment :
+16C to +32C: 35% to 70% RH(Non-condensing)
External dimensions Stand : Optional
Without stand :

Stand : Optional
Without stand :

Stand : Optional
Without stand :


Plotter : 9.5kg(21lbs)
Stand : kg(lbs)

Plotter : 13kg(29lbs)
Stand : kg(lbs)

Plotter : 9.5kg(21lbs)
 Stand : 13kg(29lbs)

The design and specification of the products can be changed without prior notice for some improvements.

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