Setting Up The P-Cut With Signblazer    

When installing Signblazer you will be asked to select a cutter, output port etc. The correct options are as follows:

Cutter: Creation P-Cut CT-630

Output Device: Com1 or Com2, depending upon where the cutter cable supplied is plugged in at the back of the computer.

Baud Rate: 9600 * (* represent the default values of Signblazer)

Data Bits : 8 *

Parity: None *

Stop Bits: 1 *

Flow Control: Hardware *

There is one extra setting after you install Signblazer.

Open Signblazer & go to "cutter" menu

Click on "setup" which takes you to the cutter setup menu.

The values you typed in above should be there.

You need to insert .3mm in the" blade offset" box. This is to ensure square corners. If corners are too spikey, then reduce value, and if slightly rounded, increase value, but .3mm is normally OK. This offset is required because the P-Cut does not have blade offset as part of the machine adjustment.

When you first cut a job, a P-Cut password will be requested. It will be on your invoice, and only needs to be installed once.

I Hope this assists you to quickly achieve production with Signblazer.

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