SignBlazer5.5 (Pro & HotShot) Release 5.5.69 (final release of 5.5)
See SignBlazer 06 Features Here

Since release 5.5.15:
Improved - snapping to guide lines-  can now align text to 2 guide lines when sizing.
Improved - node editing of some objects
Added - can set workspace by right clicking on ruler origin
Improved further - output to Summa Cutters through USB port
Added - output to Roland VersaWorks (optional feature)  Easiest PRINT & CUT Available
Improved - Importing WMF files
Improved - DPI setting now doesn't affect jpg export & import object sizes.
Fixed - blade offset problem. (applicable to Chinese cutters only which require software blade offset)
Improved - speed of exiting Cutting screen and Print Screen.
Improved - Summa USB cutter support.
Added - Windows Meta File (WMF) import (a useful vector format).
Improved - importing of CMYK images - JPEG and TIFF.
Improved - exporting very large JPEG files.
Updated Cutter drivers support ( ~40 new cutters added).
Updated Large Format Printing drivers support (added Roland PC600 driver for LFP customers only, added other drivers & modified some drivers).
Fixed - Release 5.5.45 - cutting password didn't work after upgrading from some older versions.
Fixed - Cut Manager issues on Pentium 4 computers.
Fixed - Cutting the letter "T" with KingCut cutters.
If files have (invalid) groups with no objects in them, those groups won't be loaded, and the file will open and save much faster.
Now optionally allows the Cut Origin to be set once for multiple jobs.
By default now opens correctly all files created using fonts with kerning tables. But still optionally can be set to open very old files created with fonts without kerning tables.
Fixed - opening files in 5.5.30 with lowercase extensions, e.g. ".sbd".
Fixed - opening some files created in release 3.6 resulted in font substitutions or text editing problems.
Fixed - character scrollbar affecting font previews
Fixed - exporting some files failed if there was a dot in the folder name. 
Better handling of files with changed kerning from pre 5.2 files.
Added XP style skins.
Make sure favorite colors is only displayed when required.
Improve output through "windows" printer/cutter ports such as "LPT1" etc, although "Blazer.xx" ports should be used in preference if no problems encountered.
Cutter responds quicker to jogging.
Fix for Cut Manager slowing down some recent P4 computers.
Fix Tile max and Tile home in jog dialog.
Fix so that setting the cut origin works correctly.
Fix using multiple lines of text with Text Follow Arc.
Fix minor problem with selecting a color profile.
Add Online Registration of the program.

SignBlazer5.5 (Pro & HotShot) Release 5.5.15 New Features

Since release 5.2.1:
Text on Path - make text 'wrap around' or 'follow' various paths.
Font Find - finds fonts that match scanned and imported files.
Cutter movement optimisation - optimise cut jobs effectively for either minimal vinyl feeding (good for long cut jobs), or minimal cutter head movement.
Four new guide line options.
Logos reinstated.
Postscript import - can now import more complex PS, EPS & AI files.
Cut Direction control for Routing - also displays cutting movement on screen as it cuts.
USB & network port support for printing/cutting.
(Image) Mode - change the bit depth of images.
(Image) Adjust - adjust image Levels, Brightness/Contrast, Color Balance, Hue/Saturation.
(Image) Effects - Noise and twist effects.
(Image) Auto Levels - automatically adjust image levels.
Color Picker - pick and save colors from images for later use.
Fill Attibutes greatly enhanced, also has new fill types - Linear, radial, conical, rectangular.
Auto Previews for Fill Attributes and Textures.
Color Management vastly improved - new Printer, Workspace and Display Profile categories. New Proofs and Proof Intent selections.
Corner type selection added to Online function.
Mouse Wheel Support - including zooming and panning.
Skins - change the 'look' of the program.
Updating Fonts now preserves the existing font groups list.
Show/Hide Favorite colors option.
Since release 5.1.19:
A Revamped cutter interface for increased production,
Dynamic (automatic) font handling so that Windows now will support over 2000 fonts with blinding speed,
Color management system that now complies with ICM.  This means that you can now use ICC profiles to calibrate your scanner and all printers, etc,
150 new modern fonts, included are those especially hard to obtain new fonts so popular on the Mac.
you can use in accented characters and symbols in fonts
Hundreds of new clip art images, now there are over 3000 images
Improved large (> 500 Mb) image handling, etc, etc...
Angled guide lines, array of guide lines etc. 
An Image Mode tool to convert between image color depths
An Image Crop tool.
A Rasterize tool to convert vector objects to bitmaps
A Draw Registration Mark tool for printing and cutting registration marks.
You can add angled guide lines to your work
New print options print data and print colorbars
Larger tiff files can now be saved and improvements to exporting files.
Previews can be disabled for file open, import and export dialogs.
Improved printing of vector colors.
Improved handling of cutter buffer full situations, especially applies to Roland cutters.
Improved handling of saving files to a network drive.
New Color Libraries feature.
Color Tron support added for color calibrations.
New HP DesignJet 2000CP driver.