Installing SignBlazer On Windows XP: Note: Must be 5.2.1 Release Or Later And A Clean Install Not An Update

Pre-Install Requirements
1: Windows XP must be logged on in Administrator Mode. This is the default installation of a fresh install. However it may not always be the case so check first. 
 2: After CD  install finishes and Windows restarts, the installation continues, so you must log on again in administrator mode. 

Post Install Requirements
1: You must have XP Blazer running in win2K compatibility mode with visual themes disabled (setup through blazer icon properties). Do not setup icon in bottom toolbar until you have customized the desktop icon and then drag down to the toolbar. 

2: You must not use or open cut manager on the 5.2 or 5.2.1 disk, or use hasp driver on this disk. Use latest hasp4 you can download from Internet or available from us.
3: You must have Dec 13 version of SignBlazer ( available on request)

4: You must assign administrator rights to the all folders and files created by SignBlazer, particularly the SignBlazer5 Folder and the signblaz.ini file in the Windows folder.