SignBlazer\06 Levels Comparison

Elements, Express, Pro and HotShot (with optional wide format printing)

  Elem Exp Pro HS
On line Help & Website Access
Easy to use & very productive cutter interface
Cutter movement optimisation - optimise for vinyl feeding (long cut jobs) or cutter head movement.
Extensive vinyl Cutter/Plotter support
Dynamic font handling
Find files visually
Save many files into one file
Clustered text tools
Best and Easiest Node Edit
Relevant and useful SignArt™ (ClipArt), Logos & Symbol Libraries subset
Attach notes to objects/files
Stretch objects non-proportionally
Auto file-backup and file-recovery
Cut Direction control for Routing - also displays cut movements on-screen as it cuts
Multiple access Zoom functions (11 types)
Align, Scale, Rotate, and Skew
Guide Lines with 'snap to' and align, and many other options
On-screen Grid Lines with 'snap to'
Duplicate and Replicate
Arrays - rectangular, circular, border
Expand/Outline/Inline tool with offset
Combine and Split vector Objects
Multiple Group and Ungroup
Multifunction 'T-bar', Hot/Function Keys
Comprehensive Import and Export
Postscript files - now imports more complex .ps, .eps and ai files
Unlimited Undo and Redo
'Polyline' vector drawing tool
Circle/Ellipse drawing tool - 7 types
'Select' - all, none and by color
On-screen Selection Box tools
Square/Rectangle with corner styles
Auto tiling and cut by color
Cutter/Plotter spool manager
Vinyl Saver™ and Easy Weed™
Popup user configurable Tool Palette
User configurable Toolbar
Welding Tools - multiple types 2 3 6 6
Arrow drawing tool
Advanced Node Edit tools
Mirror functions - 6 types
Auto Border & Panel Styles drawing tools - style libraries 1 1 7 7
Text: On-screen typing & Split text lines
Multifunction Measurement tool
Auto File Save and file Backup
Wireframe, Background and Full Render views
over 1200 TrueSign™ Fonts with guide 200
Text on an Arc and on a Circle
Distortion functions with preview 8 8 16 16
Color & B/W Photo Image Cut B/W B/W
Color printing of images with preview
Block and Perspective Shadow functions 4 4 16 16
Scan (both color & B/W) directly into the program
Convert color or B/W images to vector images for cutting (Raster to Vector) B/W B/W
Convert vector objects to bitmaps (Vector to Raster)
ColorWhiz™ and custom Color Palettes
Convert between image color depths
Capture and Save Favorite Colors
Color Tron support for color calibration
Seamless transfer of 1/8/24bit images to Adobe Photoshop™ & Adobe ImageReady™
Custom Screen Layout preferences
Skins support, including XP style skins
Mouse Wheel zoom & panning support
USB, parallel and serial port printer support
Auto save of user settings
Share a cutter with more than one computer (NOTE: multiple site licence required if you need to use SignBlazer on both computers at the same time)  
Text Spell Checker and Case Change  
On-screen text Kerning with Save  
Dimensioning - on-screen and printable  
'Online' tool with various features  
Star, Polygon, Rego Mark and Grid drawing tools  
Fastest RIP (Raster Image Processor) in Sign Industry (requires wide format printing password)    
Support for all popular wide format printers (requires wide format printing password)    
Scanner, printer, display & program color matching - various proof options    
Find Fonts that match scanned in fonts easily    
Fill Attributes/Gradient Tool with many types and features    
17 category library of Fill Textures    
Text follow a path and adjust text baseline    
Stepless color blends and gradients    
Bitmap Mask    
Bitmap Color Invert & Color Reduction    
Unique 'White Space' tool    
Comprehensive Keyline tool    
Multiple Inline/Outline tool    
'Chop' tool    
Special Effects - fills, stripes, bursts, outlines, borders etc    
'Fractalise' effect tool    
'Color Blend' vinyl color blending tool    
Color Trapping and Bleeds    
'Photo Fix' color photo and bitmap editor    
Bitmap Resampling    
Color Picker for duplicating a color in an image    
Adjust Image colors/brightness/intensity etc by many methods    
Auto Levels command    
Add noise effect for images    
Twist effect for images    
Crop images tool    
Enhance tool - neon, rounded, metallic, chrome, prismatic 3D styles      
Glow Effect - adds beautiful bitmap glows to objects      
Drop Shadows for any objects      
Linear & Color Transparency for all objects      
Color Medley - add or subtract color, invert colors, transparency etc      
Reverse Mask to punch through bitmap objects      
*** See the extra tools available if you purchase the SignBlazer\06 HotShot level. ***