Omega Vinyl Cutters

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Best 15inch cutter in the world.

OM40 Specs

Accuracy precision and  speed make this cutter the popular choice.


OM-60 Specs

The desktop workhorse.

OM-70 Specs

Ideal for high volume production shops.

OM-80 Specs

Best value metre wide cutter in the world.


OM-100 Specs

Full 1220mm cutting.

OM-130 Specs

If you are thinking of a wide cutter this is the best value for money on the market.

We have sold more OM-150s this year than we have sold four foot cutters in the last 5 years. An absolute must for any medium to large sign company.

OM-150 Specs

Full 0.5kg of cutting force*,

Cutting speed 800mm per sec*,

Digital servo motors*,

4mb buffer*,

Cuts from 2mm high letters (special blade) to 1525mm*,

Large LCD display*.